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SOHW mission statement
With nearly 8 million widows and more than 3 million orphans in Kenya Africa, the role of Shadow of His Wings is vital. Shadow of His Wings is a ministry, raised up by God, called to "change the world one woman at a time for Jesus Christ." We are called to sustain them in the physical and prepare them for the eternal.

Our Initiatives 
Knowing God
Both the need for physical food and water, and the deep desire for spiritual food was the call to our hearts. In both the US and Kenya, we offer weekly in-depth Bible study as we believe the Word of God is the foundation for life and for everlasting HOPE. Women’s day events also challenge and encourage them in their walk with the Jesus.



Trade school
Through a twelve-month program, widows and orphans can learn the trade of sewing.  In this program, students will learn how to sew, how to run a business, begin to earn a wage in a working store, get a biblical foundation and upon graduation receive their own sewing machine, supplies, bible, and bible study material. Weekend feeding programs are also provided.

Shadow of His Wings Academy
From birth to approximately 12 years old, orphan children receive an education, daily food, weekend food distribution, clothing, and a biblical foundation.  Because drinking water is vital for survival, water wells have been drilled where there was absolutely no drinking water.  

House of Refuge Project
A network of widows who would like to provide care for total orphan children in desperate need.  This provides a home, food, and love for needy children. Every child deserves to belong and feel safe.

 Shadow of His Wings is a group of women who love the Lord with all their hearts, all their minds and all their souls and desire above all else to help others know Him. We are rising to the call to GO and make disciples of all nations as well as taking care of orphans and widows as commanded in James 1:27

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