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ShadoW of His Wings 


 Shadow of His Wings Academy is situated in Awasi, Kenya and is primarily orphan children ranging in age from infancy to approximately 8 years old. This school is free to children in this community because Awasi is in extreme poverty and crisis. Children that attend Shadow of His wings academy receive a free education as well as one meal per day. Only 1 in 4 children live to see

their fifth birthday due to dehydration, malnutrition, and disease.

 Awasi has been without water and basic necessities for many years. We are working diligently to bring water to the Shadow of His wings Academy and the surrounding community.  By bringing water to Awasi we are hoping to help them become self-sufficient. They will have the water to plant crops and have herds of animals to produce meat and milk. We also have a plan in place to provide qualified teachers and salaries, age-appropriate curriculum that will include Bible-based teaching, facility repairs, uniforms, and emergency medical funds We are praying for people to rise up to sponsor these children and answer the call to be the hands

and feet of Jesus.

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